Kick Back

Barbeach Woven Canvas Sunkissed Khaki


The Barbeach is your travel shoe staple, featuring the anti-slip Decker sole for ultra-lightweight comfort and extra stability, as well as an innovative kick down 2-in-1 heel that gives you style choices, even once you’ve left the house.

Barbeach Woven Canvas Features:

  • Lightweight, slip-on design
  • Ultra comfort design for your travel shoe staple
  • Kick down 2-in-1 heel
  • Lateral stability from inset foot position
  • Anti-slip tread pattern from Decker sole
  • Woven canvas upper with sun-kissed colour
  • Leather-lined, anatomic, removable insole
  • Regular fit

The Barbeach Story

Get the best of both worlds for the ultimate summer travel flexibility. 

The Barbeach canvas convertible gives both relaxed and smart options in one, with a micro suede kick down heel. The Decker sole unit provides great lateral support, thicker squishiness for a better rebound and all day comfort with a regular fit and those loafer looks.

The clue is in the name. Slide in to chill out on the beach and then slip on for hitting the bar. But don’t let the name limit your options. Our marketing intern advised us the Barbeachpubworkcommutebabyshowercricketmatchtravellightrelaxedallrounder wasn’t quite as catchy. We thought they might have a point. 

Best for: party animals, party poopers, strolling to the beach, going to a barbie, heading to work, construction workers hitting the dance floor post work.

If you want to keep your shoes fresh, we suggest using the washing machine on a gentle, cold quick wash and allowing them to dry naturally.