Kick Back

Couch 2.0 Canvas Mid Green


The Canvas Couch redefines slip-on, lightweight comfort with its KickBack 2.0 sole for deep cushioning to absorb impact on every step and the improved kick down 2-in-1 heel for the ultimate ease of changing up your style.

Couch 2.0 Canvas Features:

  • Extra lightweight, slip-on design
  • Ultra comfort design
  • Kick down 2-in-1 heel
  • KickBack 2.0 sole - redesigned for even more comfort
  • Canvas upper with colours to suit everyone
  • Leather-lined, anatomic, removable insoles
  • Relaxed fit

The Couch 2.0 Story

Take it easy and relax in the original, iconic casual style. 

The 2-in-1 kickdown heel gives the wearer the ultimate flexibility with breathable fibres and leather-lined insoles. Slip-on to gain support, or kick down the heel to slip into freedom and comfort as a slider. 

No laces? No problem. At the very least, it means you won’t get caught after that skinny dip trying to do up your shoes. Just pull ‘em on and get outta there. And yeah, you may find you’re not really sure what to call these… shoes? Mules? Slip ons? Sliders? Whatever you call them, we just know they’re comfy. 

Whether you’re heading for that holiday stroll, the game of fetch with the dog, or hosting friends in the garden for a BBQ, the Couch gives a laidback profile for the ultimate relaxed fit, flexible to your needs. Everyday design for your everyday lifestyle. 

Best for: flexibility out and about, holidays, skinny dippers who need a quick getaway, socialising with friends, the grown-ups who won’t be told off for kicking the heel down.

If you want to keep your shoes fresh, we suggest using the washing machine on a gentle, cold quick wash and allowing them to dry naturally.