Kick Back

Don Juan Woven Canvas Sunkissed Khaki


Combining our signature lightweight and ultra-comfortable slip-on design into a slim-fitting, more structured shoe to impress. Pull on the Don Juan with the Decker sole for extra stability and anti-slip tread pattern in a fitted, smart silhouette.

Don Juan Woven Canvas Features:

  • Lightweight, slip-on design
  • Comfort design from the ground up in a smarter silhouette
  • Slim fit for lower volume feet
  • Lateral stability from anti-slip Decker sole
  • Woven canvas upper with sun-kissed colour
  • Leather-lined, anatomic, removable insole

The Don Juan Story

Slip on loafer ready for your summer shenanigans.

A lightweight Decker sole provides wearers with the ultimate comfort and lateral support all within a rakish silhouette.

Feel supported on your date, keep your feet happy when out and about and look the part of the dashing debonair. 

With their devil-may-care charm, it's no wonder they take the namesake from the Spanish. Legend has it that the wearer of these shoes may inadvertently become infused with ‘el amor’. Don’t quote us on it though.And definitely don’t rely on it to give you some sort of luck on your date (we’re not Irish now c’mon).

* Please note there is no guarantee that these will upgrade your chat up lines like our Spanish myth. Sorry.

Best for: holiday goers and those looking to pack light, travellers, the boys’ holiday, 007 and co after saving the world.

If you want to keep your shoes fresh, we suggest using the washing machine on a gentle, cold quick wash and allowing them to dry naturally.